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For Property Owners

Selling a property can be a bit frustrating and time consuming. The entire process from first listing to completion can take several months.

At HOMESPLACE we've made it our single focus to make the entire residential property process more efficient. We are not only championing the property transaction efficiency cause, but we are also bringing to market some innovative solutions to address many of the problems property owners face when it comes to selling their property.

One such solution is Market Test™. Market Test™ solves the problem of determining if now is the right time to sell your property, without going through all the rigmarole of officially putting it on the market.

Market Test™ allows property owners to offer their property anonymously and only receive enquiries from fully qualified buyers to arrange a viewing.

Market Test™ eliminates 'Sunday browsers' who have come across your property on Zoopla or Rightmove and just want a nosey.

Market Test™ eliminates offers from individuals who should not be offering on your property in the first place. A primary reason behind why 1 in every 3 sales fall through.

For Buyers

Buying a property has its challenges. In a buoyant market you are competing against many other buyers all vying for the same limited supply. In a stagnant market, property owners are not interested in putting their property on the market for fear it will not achieve the price they want. So they wait.

At HOMESPLACE we have a philosophy called 'Right Buyer, Right Property'. At the core of this philosophy is the belief that there is the right property for every buyer, the property just needs to be found.

The problem with the traditional Estate Agency controlled model is you are only ever offered what is officially on the market by Estate Agents, as that is all they have access to. Or worse, if you are not 'chums' with the Estate Agent you won't even get a call to view a property before it hits the portals.

Estate Agents are fond of reminding buyers that they do not work for them, but for sellers as that is who pays them their fee. Whilst that is fair to say, the reality is they work for themselves and if it were not for the buyer completing the purchase, they would not receive their commission!

Our innovative Market Test™ solution for property owners changes everything for buyers. For the first time qualified buyers can have fair and exclusive access to properties directly from the property owner before the property goes on the market officially.

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*We have a small thank you gift for you.